Dr. Randolph Schader


Dr. Schader graduated from Temple University with his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. He graduated with an M.S. in Organizational Leadership from Cabrini College, received an M.S. and Orthodontic Specialty (Chief Resident in Orthodontics) from University of Florida and a BA from Washington University. He joins our practice after holding the position of Associate Program Director of Orthodontics at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.

Prior to his teaching position he was in private practice for many years as an orthodontist and general dentist. Dr. Schader has experience in cosmetic restorative dentistry, and implant dentistry. He has, through his continuous education as a teacher and student, unparalleled experience in making beautiful smiles and correcting the bite. We are fortunate to have his leadership skills, clinical expertise and kind and gentle nature to offer our patients.

Our practice of providing comprehensive orthodontic care through meeting each patient’s personal needs is a philosophy that Dr. Schader shares. His style complements our friendly and warm orthodontic team. Personal interests include gardening, reading and “all things outdoors”.

Since moving to our new home we will now be able to offer our orthodontic patients a greater choice of scheduling times during the week, and collaborate with our Newtown Dentistry for Kids and Newtown Dentistry for Adults schedule to provide dual appointments.

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